North India Tour Package

Overview of North India

North India is specialized to keep the footprints of its past intact, while opening a door to the present. Whether you choose a Golden Triangle Tour or one of our Rajasthan tour packages or any of our Travel Destinations, North India is packed full of culture, adventure, history and legend and is a great place for family travel. Those on the lookout for adventure can opt for a wildlife safari in Uttarakhand or a camel safari along the golden sand dunes.

Nature buffs can take in the gigantic Himalayan snow-laden peaks which stand tall against the azure sky or the stark magnificience of the deserts of Rajasthan that contrast with the of climate of Kashmir, which, to quote the Mughal Emperor Babar, “If there is heaven on earth, this is it, this is it !”

Lovers of the arts will be spoilt for choice with the Golden Quadrangle that showcases the marble poetry of the Taj Mahal, the legendary palaces of Rajasthan, the Pink City of Jaipur, the imposing Red Fort at Delhi to the rhythmic steps of the graceful Kathak dancers, the musical strains of the sitar and the resonant beats of the tabla.

Tour Plan for Leh Ladhak Adventure Trip

Plan Itinerary

Day 1: Reach Delhi

After reaching the Delhi airport you will be taken to your hotel where you have to do stay over night. Delhi is the capital of India along with Union territory and it is made from combining 7 ancient cities.

Day 2: Make a tour to Delhi

Around post breakfast you will start your tour to explore the capital of India. This day you will be visiting places like Qutub Minar and Red Fort. Humayun’s Tomb will also be added in the list. Spend your night at the hotel itself.

Day 3: Trip to Varanasi

You will fly to your next destination which is Varanasi. Here you will go to the Bharat Mata Temple from the airport, along with exploring many other places. Bharat Mata Temple is renowned for the marble map of India. Additionally you will make a visit to Durga Temple, Hindu University Banaras (Here you will find an art gallery along with a beautiful Mosque build by Mughal Emperor.) and Tulsi Manas Mandir. You will have to make a night stay here.�

Day 4: Explore Varanasi

This day you will further explore the city of Varanasi. You will start off your day with visiting the holiest river of India, River Ganga after your breakfast. Here you get to see the Bathing Ghats along with some Cremation points which are must visit. these Ghats are extra ordinarily amazing. You will also be shown places like Sarnath – the city where Lord Buddha was buried along with Supta which is another Buddhist town.

Day 5: Trip to Khajuraho

This day you will take a flight after your breakfast for Khajuraho. You can enjoy your rest of the day and night as well in the Hotel at Khajuraho.

Day 6: Travel around Khajuraho

Khajuraho is very popular for the beautiful temples. This day you will explore all the holy destinations like Chaunset Yogini Temple (which is dedicated to Ma Kali), Mahadev Temple, Bharatji Temple and also Lakshamana Temple. Additionally you will also make a visit to Nandi temples which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu which is 11 headed. You also have Vishwa Temple which is solely dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is considered to be one of the largest and a very typical kind of temple. Make a night stay here.

Day 7: Khajuraho Day II

This day you will make a tour to the Panna National Park where you can explore a wide range of flora and fauna. This park is renowned to have the highest reserves for tigers, bears, spotted deers, panthers, and other such wild life. We will also offer you a jeep safari which will make your wild life experience wilder and better. After spending your entire day in the park you will get back to your hotel in the evening to rest.

Day 8: Trip to Bandhavgarh National park (250 Kms, 4-5 hrs drive)

After your breakfast you will leave for Bandhavgarh which is a 5 hours drive from Khajuraho. On your way you will be visiting Raneh Falls. It is a gigantic 5 km wall made from granite. This will range from shade of grey to pink and even red. Yo uwill also be checking out the temples and holy destinations of Panna on your way. Then after reaching Bandhavgarh by noon you will get all your time to rest in your hotel.

Day 9: Explore Bandhavgarh National Park

After having your breakfast you will have to leave to explore Bhandhavgarh. You will reach your hotel you will be taken to a small trip to Bhandhavgarh National Park. This is an extensively spread park on about 45000 acres of land where there is a wide range of flora and fauna. You will get to see some different species of trees and also animals. After your trip you will make your stay at your hotel.

Day 10: Trip to Kanha National Park (325 kms, 5-6 hrs drive)

Once you are done with your morning breakfast you will start off with your drive to one of the most exquisite and a huge park, The Kanha National Park. This is at a distance of almost 300 kms from Bhandhavgarh. You will spend your noon at the park exploring the habitants and then spend your night at the hotel.

Day 11: Explore Kanha National Park

A two time jeep safari at this National Park will make your day. You will get to see the species of animals located in this park. Stay at hotel during night.

Day 12: Move to Bhopal (210 kms, 4-5 hrs drive)

Covering a distance of about 200 kms you will reach Bhopal this day. You will have lots of halts in between your trip. You will visit some historic Bhuddhist monasteries located at Sanchi. Some of these monasteries are as old as 3rdcentury Before Christ. The most important desitantions covered on your way to Bhopal is Ashok Pillar, Great Bowl (it is carved from a single stone) and the Gupta Temple (Built in 4th century.) you will reach Bhopal by the evening and will make your night stay at the hotel itself.

Day 13: Discover Bhopal

After spending your day at leisure till the noon you will start your day for visiting the excursions of Bhopal. You will make a trip to many Museums, Temples, Lakes and also Mosques. Spend your night at the hotel itself.

Day 14: Trip to Mandu (260 kms, 5-6 hrs drive)

You will start towards your next destination which is Mandu after your breakfast. You will get to see Bhimbetka on your way to Mandu. Here 700 rock shelters where discovered which belongs to the Neolithic age. More than 500 caves are present with some of the great paintings of pre historic man. Along with this you will be glad to know that Mandu is a very romantic place. The air of love between Baz Bahadur and Rani Rupmati is still fresh. You can explore this beautiful and a very romantic place for the rest of the day and get back to your hotel at night.

Day 15: Set off for Indore (97 kms, 2 hrs drive)

After your breakfast at Mandu you will start your journey for Indore. But before this, that is on your way to Indore you will make a visit to place like Jahaz Mahal Roompati’s Pavalion, Hindola Mahal, Ashrafi Mahal, Rewa Kund, Baz Bahadur’s Palace and also Jami Masjid. Along with this you will also get to see places like Nilkanth Temple and also Hoshang Shah’s Tomb. All these places will be covered and you will be leaving for